Subject Re: Move away from Yahoo Groups to a Forum
Author vladman992000
--- In, "blizzardb2001" <blizzardb2001@...> wrote:
> I just want to express my frustration at using this Yahoo Group. First of all it's not compatible with Google Chrome in that it won't let me post.
> But most importantly, the search function really sucks big time.
> What also sucks big time is that it takes forever to sort through the replies because often the replies contains a copy of the original message.
> Wouldn't a 'forum' be the best solution? From what I've seen, these have the best search functions and everything is organised into threads.
> If you need hosting I can offer free hosting, but I don't really have time to be an administrator at this point.

I personally believe that the last thing in the world that the FB community needs is yet more fragmentation of where to find an answer to a problem. There are dozens of blogs, websites, forums, etc. already out there for Firebird and yet this forum is where people go to get an answer to a programming or administration question. Its known - its consistent and I think it would do a great disservice to Firebird by trying to fragment where content is even further. At least I know that if I need to find a support related answer to a question, I can come here. Might not have the greatest features, but its the content that is IMHO more important than how its packaged.

My vote would be to leave it alone. There are more important other issues requiring time investment for Firebird out there that you could look into if you wanted.