Subject Re: Move away from Yahoo Groups to a Forum
Author blizzardb2001
Well for one thing, the new forum would have its own domain name, such as
It would be 'help' forum for the firebird database. It would have no commercial interest and would not be linked to any of the commercial firebird products.
Visiting would take you directly to the main page of the forum where you would have full 'read' and 'search' access.
To post you would have to register.
We would ensure that the forum software has an updates email functionality - so that if you would like to you can receive all posts via email.

By the way there may even be forum software where you can reply via email - I can try to do some research.

What functionality would the above be missing? What would make you oppose the above proposal?

And quite importantly, what do the administrators of this Yahoo Group think? If they want to stay 'in charge' they can, I would just be offering the hosting and domain name. If nobody here is 'in charge' then I guess I would take control of the forum and appoint certain administrators upon request and community support.
--- In, "blizzardb2001" <blizzardb2001@...> wrote:
> Hi guys
> I just want to express my frustration at using this Yahoo Group. First of all it's not compatible with Google Chrome in that it won't let me post.
> But most importantly, the search function really sucks big time.
> What also sucks big time is that it takes forever to sort through the replies because often the replies contains a copy of the original message.
> Wouldn't a 'forum' be the best solution? From what I've seen, these have the best search functions and everything is organised into threads.
> If you need hosting I can offer free hosting, but I don't really have time to be an administrator at this point.
> Cheers