Subject RE: [firebird-support] Invalid Blob ID and Charset
Author Alan McDonald
> > FB 2.1.3 is unuseable for me. I now get invalid Blob IDs from
> sinatica
> > monitor which do not appear in 2.1.2.
> > I've had to revert.
> > Sinatica indicate that it is a conflict between client attachments
> with
> > charset NONE and attachments with some other charset. Is this
> correct? Has
> > anyone else experienced invalid blob ID exceptions and find that
> charset has
> > something to do with it?
> If this is your case
> 2602 i'm afraid
> you should fix your application to :
> a) not use NONE connection charset (any strong reason to use it?)
> or
> b) not use non-ASCII characters in your queries issued in attachment
> with NONE charset
> Regards,
> Vlad

Thanks Vlad, but tell me:
1. What are the implications of connecting to a DB with CHARSET ASCII when
it was created with Charset NONE?
2. This tracker issue doesn't mention invalid Blob ID. The failure
mentioned... how does it present itself if it is not invalid BLOB ID?
3. I have tested now by changing the application to connect with charset
ASCII and the monitor application also uses ACSCII, there is now no
exception raised. But I have no knowledge of whether non ascii characters
are ever placed in the MON$tables. The user name.... all security DBs have
UNICODE_FSS as the username charset and these values are indeed going into
the MON$ tables, I have no control over that. What are the implications of
connecting via charset ASCII and having UNICODE_FSS characters going into
MON$ tables? Will this cause MON$ table read failures?