Subject Re: Move away from Yahoo Groups to a Forum
Author mivi71dk
I must say, that I also like the idea of a forum instead.

I use a news reader to read via atkin.

As of now - O log in to yahoo groups to post.
This is to me annoying.

A forum would be some much easier.
And I can log in everywhere in the world.


--- In, "blizzardb2001" <blizzardb2001@...> wrote:
> Hi guys
> I just want to express my frustration at using this Yahoo Group. First of all it's not compatible with Google Chrome in that it won't let me post.
> But most importantly, the search function really sucks big time.
> What also sucks big time is that it takes forever to sort through the replies because often the replies contains a copy of the original message.
> Wouldn't a 'forum' be the best solution? From what I've seen, these have the best search functions and everything is organised into threads.
> If you need hosting I can offer free hosting, but I don't really have time to be an administrator at this point.
> Cheers