Subject Re: [firebird-support] neebee
Author Ann W. Harrison
me.garth wrote:
> OK, I downloaded, installed and the FireBird service
> is running on WinXp. Now how do I make a DB that allows
> input/download (text and files) from a webpage and have
> the database update upload and display the data in say
> a table format to a different webpage? Is there some
> simple template??? I have HFS and Apache server running
> on a windows computer. I can upload and download files
> but not from a web form... only from the HFS website.

Firebird is a relational database - it's a tool that stores
and retrieves information in the form of tables. It does
not include the necessary hooks to link to a web page.
However, there are many applications that do provide that
linkage and can be used with Firebird. Some are free,
many are not. The question you should ask here is:

What applications do you use to create web sites that
use Firebird for data storage?

Good luck,