Subject Re: ALTER CHECK CONSTRAINT - possible?
Author plinehan
Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:

> > Any input appreciated. I did a google and don't appear
> > to have come up with anything - I can enable and disable
> > them, drop and create them, but can I ALTER them?

> No. Btw, how do you enable/disable them?

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your input.

I think that I must have got confused when I was
Googling, e.g. here (or somewhere else)

It's a feature request rather than a feature.

Anyway, there's precious little difference
between dropping one and adding it back and
enabling/disabling - apart from perhaps ease
of modifying/examining the metadata in a
multi-developer environment.

If there is to be an enable/disable feature (and
this applies to dropping/recreating also, then
maybe there should be a VERIFY/NOVERIFY clause at
the end - i.e.

ALTER TABLE Billy CHECK (Field1 > 10 AND Field1 < 50) VERIFY
(not sure about syntax here, FB not on this machine
- but you get the idea)

would ensure that all existing Billy's Field1s were valid
for the constraint whereas NOVERIFY wouldn't care. I can
see situations where this might be a good idea.



> Thomas Steinmaurer