Subject Re: [firebird-support] Maximum size for databases using embedded server?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Just a quick question about Firebird embedded.
> Checked here
> and found maximum sizes for (I assume) the (full) server.
> Do these limits apply to the embedded server also or
> are there limitations that aren't covered on the
> page above?
> Also, while these may be theoretical limits even for
> the embedded server, are there any practical limits
> that real-life practitioners are finding?
> It's not that I think that my project will run into
> them, it's basically curiosity. I'm thinking of
> using Firebird embedded as a "briefcase" or laptop
> server for clinicians in the field, who will then
> go back to base and update a full server - I know
> that my question doesn't really apply in this case,
> but it would be good to know.

AFAIK, there are no different theoretical limits in database size, but
as Embedded is based on the SuperServer architecture (still the case for
the long-awaited 2.5 release?), Embedded isn't SMP aware, the
application holds an exclusive lock on the database file ...

But you don't have 2GB, 4GB ... limits like in Oracle XE, SQLExpress,
SQL Compact Edition ... ;-)

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