Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird.conf and ipcname
Author Vlad Khorsun
>> Hmm... corresponding fix was intorduced in FB 2.1.0 and was never backported into 2.0.x series.

This is not the change you need. What i told is :

> And what with fact, that in Vista SP1 I can not use XNET without modifying firebird.conf ? Is it expected ?

It seems so. Unfortunately, Nickolay, who committed the code, didn't enter the ticket
into the tracker and we can't plan to backport change into 2.0 branch.

> Second interesting fact is that, when I add IpcName=Global\FIREBIRD in firebird.conf on PC with Win98SE
> (as server running FB 2.0.5). I can SUCCESSFULY connect using XNET ... This contradict to comment in utils.cpp :
> // hvlad: begins from Windows 2000 we can safely add 'Global\' prefix for
> // names of all kernel objects we use. For Win9x we must not add this prefix.

MSDN : OpenEvent
Windows Me/98/95: The name can contain any character except the backslash character.
The empty string ("") is a valid object name.

I can supply to you online link (
but there is no mention of Win9x\WinNT at online MSDN anymore (good job, MS!)