Subject Re: [firebird-support] UTF-8 columns in ISO8859_1 database
Author Kjell Rilbe
Alec Swan wrote:

> Shouldn't the character set specified in the JDBC URL match the character
> set of the database?

> Here is the jist of my problem:
> 1. I need to create indexes on large columns, such as varchar(1024). This
> requires that I use single-byte character set.
> 2. I need to store UTF8 characters in other columns which are much shorter.
> This requires that I use multi-byte character set.
> 3. I need to access data via JDBC. Which character set should I specify on
> the JDBC URL?

Not necessarily. The server will transliterate all character data
(except charset NONE and... a couple of others like that I believe) into
the connection's charset before sending the data to your client. It is
then up to your client to transliterate it to whatever it needs to work

If you have Unicode data anywhere in your database, the connection will
have to support Unicode, and the best way for FB is UTF8. So use that!
When you select from the varchar(1024) charset iso8859_1 column the data
will be passed in UTF8 to your client.

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