Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows Server 2003 vs Linux
Author Anderson Farias

First of all I'd like to thank *all* for the great tips and thoughts

As I can see both Linux and Windows Server 2003 are good choices (since you
configure them the right way), but yet, Linux may still be less resource

Some of you mentioned going to FB2, and YES this is one of the steps. All
the apps were made with Delphi/IBX and I already in toutch with the
developers to assist them on moving... I assume this will take from a couple
of weeks to a month since there's a lot to test after db migration (bad
written SQLs).

André mentioned the Zombie connections, this FB server reports hundrends to
thousands of 10054 INET erros daily on firebird.conf. And I've set the TCP
KEEPALIVE time to 5 minutes.

WinXP and Win2008 Server are not options here, but it's good to know about
it's experiences, thanks.

Once again thanks all for your help,

Anderson Farias