Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Freezes randomly when inserting records
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:21 PM 28/03/2009, you wrote:
>I am using Firebird 2.0 RC1 on a Windows XP Prof. system and using it as my server for a POS Application,

You are using a three-year-old Beta version for a production system?

>everything was working fine until this last week when the Clients have started to freeze after every 1-2 hours...but its random. When i debug the same its freezing when adding Records to the Database Tables OR when opening a connection to one of the tables in the Database. It could be bcoz the server is sweeping the database at the same time.

"Working fine until this last week..." Do you upgrade your server's operating system as infrequently as you upgrade XP? Or are you throwing Windows Updates at your system without considering possible impact on installed applications? Or did someone put some new anti-virus or backup tool onto the server?

>What shud be the right value for Sweeping the Database.(mine is 50000)

Well, Windows upgrades and old bugs aside, one possibility here is that you recently "tipped over" the sweep threshhold and are now experiencing repeated attempts by auto-sweep to meet its obligations. If so, then the (temporary) cure would be to get everyone off and do a manual sweep or a gbak. A manual sweep or a gbak without restoring will do all the sweeping and GC in one hit and clear the decks for a while.

If there is any point where the gap gets so large that it would actually tip over and sweep on a sweep interval of 50000 then you 'd be better off to set it to 0 and make a point of doing either gbak or a manual sweep on a sufficiently regular basis.

If you're running Superserver, it might also be that the default GCPolicy (mixed) is not very suitable for hygiene-level of your database. After you get things onto a fresh page, you might consider reverting to the "background" setting to see whether it gives you a more even distribution of garbage collection.

>Could it be bcoz of the Firebird ODBC Driver ?

Doubtful, if you haven't seen this problem before. Drivers only do what they do: they don't hop in from out of the blue and start screwing up your server. Ask on the firebird-odbc-devel list. Tell them what version you are using and exactly which version of Firebird, and ask which one you *should* be using. Don't be too surprised if their first recommendation is to install a proper release of Firebird.

>Which other ODBC/OLEDB Driver i can use with VB6.

Off-topic here. If the proper Firebird driver isn't working for you somehow and you can't solve it, browse through the options at the IBPhoenix site (Downloads->Contributed->Interface Components) and pick one to test. The vendors of the commercial drivers usually have list forums you can take your driver problems to.