Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird randomly freezes while connecting to a databse
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all :)
> Sometimes Firebird will freeze for about ten minutes when connecting to
> a large database file (1.7G). Constant hard disk activity, but no
> processor load.
> The freeze happens independently of how we connect to the database, eg
> with FlameRobin or a Lazarus application. (Which means some our
> customers need to wait ten minutes for our application to start.)
> Usually it happens when we connect to the database for the first time
> after a reboot. All subsequent connections will be lightning fast -
> until the next reboot.
> From what we see it happens only on XP systems. We could reproduce it
> neither on Linux nor on Vista.
> It does not seem to be related to any specific configuration. We tried
> to disable some services, and do some other stuff, and the freeze
> randomly (dis/re)appeared.
> Our last try was to watch the hard disk activity when connecting
> normally and with a freeze, and that gave some clue:
> When connecting to a database, it first reads some parts of the
> database file. Seeking forward and backward and reading a few pages
> here and there.
> I guess it's reading the headers at that point.
> In the freeze case, it then starts reading the entire file. Which of
> course takes some time when the file is 1.7G in size.
> So now the question is: What triggers this reading of the entire file,
> and how can we prevent it?
> Gratefully,
> Lasheimok

Disable "system restore"