Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Slow writes on Vista
Author Mark Rotteveel
Maya Opperman wrote:
>> I already tried with the antivirus running, disabled, and in a clean
> Vista VM with no anti virus installed.
> Vista uses a huge amount of RAM. Are you perhaps running into Virtual
> Memory?

That is nonsense: Vista uses available memory to cache a lot of things,
but when applications require memory those memory pages used for caching
are released to applications.

I have Vista 64 bit with 4GB ram. At the moment about 2630 MB is used
for the cache and only 24 MB is 'free'.

After starting some more applications I have 2500 MB for cache and about
10 MB as 'free'.

The way Vista uses your memory is rather more efficient than not using
it as earlier versions of Windows did.

Mark Rotteveel