Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with FB 32 bit on SBS2008x64
Author Mark Rotteveel
> No embedded server apps and only one FB server installed that I can see.
> We upgraded to FBv2.0 12 months ago with no problems. Only change to the
> installation has been their recent move to 64bit SBS on the main server.
> They do have a workstation acting as an accounting server running FBv2.0
> on it. If someone using that workstation accesses the database on the
> main server could it confuse FB. I open each database with the correct
> server name so hope that each FB server is kept separate. Have I just
> been very very lucky with this for the past years :)
> I did have a copy of fbclient.dll in the gbak folder. I have since
> deleted it but 3 out of 4 databases backed up fine even when it was there.
> Have you heard of antivirus scanning getting in the way maybe.

As others have said: use fdb as the fileextension of the database. The gdb extension is 'copied' by the System Restore functionality of Windows and therefor locked for the duration of that copy. On the previous server the System Restore was probably disabled.

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