Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Output on long running queries?
Author Paul
As far as I know the only way of communicating progress inside a long
running query/process is to use a generator (which are outside transaction
control). Ok for long running batch processes which happen one at a time on
a database but messy if multiple occurrences.

We use it for a once a month batch process which takes up to 20hrs. One
generator is set to the total process count and another is incremented every
so many records. The app can then read these 2 generators and show a
progress bar.

> Hello, and thank you for reading this message.
> I have a question about firebird v2.0 long running queries.
> Lets say i have to import and manipulate from another database large
ammounts of data.
> Importing and manipulating the records according to my database bussines
rules is not an issue, but it does take a lot of time to process it.
> Is there any way to output status messages back to the user/app? I mean
just like MSSQL has RAISERROR() function that allows a message to be
delivered without raising an exception.
> Is there any similar functionality is FB?
> Thank you for your time!
> Luis Semedo Duarte
So, Luis. I guess the reason that you got no responses is that there was
not a good answer. I will just have to use my pulse component to let the
user know that the application has not flat-lined. I don't know if that
will work for you.



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