Subject Atkin News server is down WAS: Firebird News server is down due to hardware failure
Author Leyne, Sean

> At the moment I don't know the exact problem, the server is an old box
> so the problem could be anywhere.
> The server will likely be down for 2 to 3 days.

As Tony Masefield pointed out, I had forgotten to use the correct name
for the news server.

I think of it as the Firebird news server, but its proper name is the
Atkin news server.

Anyways, to update...

The existing server/HDDs won't boot, so we are in the process of
configuring a new server and working on migrating the existing config to

It is expected that, between one thing and another, it will take another
2 days for this to happen (the project members are 99% volunteers).

Thanks for your understanding.

Sean Leyne
Host manager