Subject Re: Backup becomes corrupt - But the original database is fine
Author jpersson1
Sorry you can just forget my question. I've solved it now.

Someone in my project had commented out some of the calls that actually took the backup and replaced them with a straight copy of the running database file. This naturally leads to corruptions in the copy.

Sorry if I took your time.

//Jan Persson

--- In, "jpersson1" <jpersson1@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with Firebird 2.1.2 RC2 that has been puzzling me for some time. I've also tried earlier versions of Firebird and they seem to have the same problem.
> When I try to take a backup while the server is handling other transactions, the resulting FDB-file will contain errors as reported by gfix. This has been verified with both the embedded and the standalone super server.
> C:\>gfix.exe -validate -full acs.fdb
> Summary of validation errors
> Number of record level errors : 83
> Number of index page errors : 3
> If I do not have any other active transactions while the backup is running, then the backup is fine.
> I'm using the FbBackup service in Firebird .NET Data Provider, in this way:
> FbBackup backupSvc = new FbBackup();
> backupSvc.ConnectionString = "User=SYSDBA;ServerType=1;Password=masterkey;Database=db.fdb";
> backupSvc.BackupFiles.Add(new FbBackupFile(backupFilename, 2048));
> backupSvc.Options = FbBackupFlags.IgnoreLimbo;
> backupSvc.Execute();
> And the restore looks like this:
> FbRestore restoreSvc = new FbRestore();
> restoreSvc.ConnectionString = "User=SYSDBA;ServerType=1;Password=masterkey;Database=" + fbkTempFilename
> restoreSvc.BackupFiles.Add(new FbBackupFile(backupGbkFilename, 2048));
> restoreSvc.Options = FbRestoreFlags.Create | FbRestoreFlags.Replace;
> restoreSvc.PageSize = 16384;
> restoreSvc.Execute();
> I would be most helpful for any help you can provide in this matter.
> Cheers
> //Jan Persson