Subject Re: [firebird-support] How does the installer pick up the version of firebird installed.
Author Adrian Wreyford
Any body got any idea. Should I rather post this to Firebird-Architect site.


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Subject: [firebird-support] How does the installer pick up the version of firebird installed.


I bundle Firebird with my software, and use Qsetup Composer for my installation.

I want to install Firebird- with my current release of software.

Most of the users are still on

So checking for the directory, is not going to work, as 2.1 uses a different directory to 2.0, and perhaps someone still has 1.5

Well, I'm sure one can check for service running.

Then one should indicate that a newer version needs to be installed, and that service should first be stopped, and uninstalled.

I have a TEST PC (windows XP) with Firebird preinstalled:
I notice if I run the installer on its own ie Firebird-, it gives a message that the service is still running, and exits.

Then once service stopped, it indicates that Firebird is still installed on the TEST-PC, and also indicates that it is the superserver and the installation is fully functional.

So, basically, I'm asking .. how do you guys do this, so that I can replicate this functionality, before launching the Firebird installer from within my installer, so that I can prevent my software from installing before the firebird has been sorted out.

Please, all advice will be appreciated. Perhaps there is a document that indicates what we must test for. Obviously there are different install configurations, and I don't want to miss any, nor must I simply overwrite the older installation, as the customer may depend on it for other software, that still uses it.



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