Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backing Up Remote Server On Client PC.
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:38 PM 14/03/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Again Folks:
> Developing on XP Home, VS2008 Pro, C++, Firebird
>SuperServer and embedded, ibpp-2-5-3-1.
> With a lot of assistance from you kind folks, I can now perform backups and recoveries of a database connected using the embedded server.
> The code that performs these tow tasks so reliably, fails when attempting the same on a remote server.
> I can understand why this wouldn't work, the service API running on the client PC and the database, run by the SuperServer on another machine.

The "Services API" is a client interface to the Services manager that runs in the server. So if you use the right things in your service calls, your remote service calls won't be any different to running gbak remotely the appropriate syntax.

>I'm wondering if this is possible? If so, I'm going to restrict this activity to administrative users.

You have to anyway. Only the database owner and the sysdba (or equivalent) are allowed to do backups.

>Is it too dangerous from a security point of view? All personal data is encrypted.

Not dangerous, especially if you do the proper thing and write the backup file *on the server* in a place where unauthorised people can't get to it. An authorised person at the remote location can zip it up (with a password if you like) and move it onto his own machine, if that's wanted.

Note, you *can* write a backup file directly to a network location...but it's likely to be insecure on a poorly-hardened network. But in any case it's an unnecessary load on network resources.

> Suggestions?

Not sure what you're asking about, besides "is it secure?".