Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 2.1.1 Gbak Issues
Author Alan McDonald
> Sorry about not being very verbose. I should know better.
> I installed the same server version as the backup like you suggested
> but the same error as before happened.
> gbak: ERROR:unsuccessful metadata update
> gbak: ERROR: Can't have relation with only computed fields or
> constraints
> gbak:Exiting before completion due to errors
> Other times when doing the restore when I have tested the noon backup I
> have gotton other errors and I haven't logged them but I will from now
> on.
> I know one other time the error was related to not being able to create
> an index on a table that did not exist.
> I'm not sure what the error is referring to since I don't have a table
> called UTMP. Not sure if that is a system table or not.

interesting.... if I had to guess, you DO in fact have a global temp table
(GTT) or some other temp table created in the application, that gbak backs
it up, and that there is a backup bug since these tables should not be
backed up.
You say it all works OK after hours when no connections are live which would
also suggest that temp tables are not present at this time - thus no error.