Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GTT + VFP + Remote Views but VFP SQL Pass-Through does not show records
Author Mark Rotteveel
You probably need a different solution than Global Temporary Tables. The
contents of a GTT is only visible to the connection that filled it.

An ODBC datasource is not a connection, but a description or method for
an application to create an actual connection to the database. So when
VFP creates a connection using the ODBC datasource it has a different
actual connection to the database then the Report Manager that uses the
same datasource. As a result, the Report Manager does not see the data
in the GTT.

You are probably better off creating a 'real' table (just delete it
after use), using views or something like that.


Bhavbhuti Nathwani wrote:
> Hi Helen
> Thanks for responding. Yes I had read the release notes and that is where I had started on this venture.
> I did a few test and I think the connection that is used by the remote view and the SQL-PT are somehow different.
> That said, I have confirmed that I can use multiple SQL-PTs in VFP and still get to see the data, so now I can populate the GTT using INSERT SQL-PTs and then later query the GTT again using SQL-PT and all is well.
> Now comes the step where I need to ask a more dumber questions than before. First some background. I also use Report Manager as the reporting engine. This data I have populated to the GTT is now supposed to be used by Report Manager.
> Now the yet dumber question. The Remote View in VFP uses one particular ODBC connection. This same ODBC connection is used when reporting in Report Manager, yet when the RV is shown as populated in VFP, the same ODBC connection used in Report Manager does not reflect the records in the RV.
> Sorry for being such a bother but please advise.

Mark Rotteveel