Subject Re: [firebird-support] GTT + VFP + Remote Views but VFP SQL Pass-Through does not show records
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:08 AM 11/03/2009, you wrote:
>Hi all
>I have create a GTT alright with ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS. I have a Remote View in Visual FoxPro which is populated with the temp data and I have confirmed that the rows are there in the RV.
>Next if I run a SQL Pass-through from VFP to the GTT I do not get any rows returned (nor can I view them from FlameRobin).
>I am using GTT to create store a list of accounts / items selected by the user and these records are then used to JOIN with other tables to bring out only the relevant rows.
>What am I missing.

The data is visible only to the connection that populates the GTT.

From the release notes:

Global temporary tables (GTTs) are tables that are stored in the system catalogue with permanent metadata, but with temporary data.

** Data from different connections (or transactions, depending on the scope) are isolated from each other, but the metadata of the GTT are shared among all connections and transactions. **

There are two kinds of GTT:
• with data that persists for the lifetime of connection in which the specified GTT was referenced; and
• with data that persists only for the lifetime of the referencing transaction.

Have each external connection work with its own instance of the data set.