Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to keep track of database version?
Author Milan Babuskov
Luis Semedo Duarte wrote:
> After reading the messages you pointed me at, i came to the conclusion that there is no automatic way to do it.
> I mean, a table and some fields must be created on the database, but the actual version numbers must be updated by manually by the user!
> I was looking for a way to do it automatically, that's why i was thinking of using the system tables. But you are right, triggers on system tables would not be restored after a backup on the database.
> Oh well... I Guess i will have to maintain the version numbers manually!

Most admin tools have an option to log the executed statements so you
just need to turn it on and you only need to manually delete statements
that should not go into production databases.

Milan Babuskov