Subject RE: [firebird-support] Trouble with Windows 7: Installing and starting SuperServer 2.1.3 from ZIP package
Author Alan McDonald
> So I'm a bit confused now: From Vista on, I must not use the MSI
> package because installation in /system32 is prohibited;

that's not what it says. The MSI is the preferred install method for shared
installs beyond XP.

for a
> "private assembly" it's enough to copy 3 DLLs to the FB/bin
> directory, but just 2 DLLs are included in the ZIP file... and
> Windows 7 is not mentioned at all in the installation docs (but
> should be Vista-compatible anyway).

if you are determined to install private assemblies, then yes. Windows 7 was
not released when this was written. but references to beyond XP is
reitereated in several places.

> Argh! Installing FB on my Linux server was just a breeze, compared
> to that DLL hell...
> -Matt