Subject Re: Execute statement cant handle parameters which are NULL
Author ainpoissee
--- In, "emb_blaster" <EMB_Blaster@...> wrote:
> Theres no parameters to be used in EXECUTE STATEMENT.

This is a feature of 2.5 server.

> What you use in the :Statement variable? you can post your trigger and explain what you are trying to achieve?

It's a "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM..." ie singelton select. The WHERE condition is relatively complex depending on the two fields Alates and Kuni. So I wanted to build it as a string and then execute via EXECUTE STATEMENT...

> Seems you are calling NEW.Alates and/or NEW.Kuni parameters?

I want to map these trigger context variables to statement parameters, but it won't work in case either of them is NULL. This looks like a bug to me but tracker is down so I posted here to see does anyone know about it.