Subject RE: [firebird-support] is not working anymore ? - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean
> it's now several week that i notice than is not working
> anymore ... is their any other way to consult this forum from a news
> reader ?

The server was significantly compromised (at the kernel level) and was initiating SynFlood attacks to other hosts. So, the server had to be shutdown. Unfortunately, the Firebird admin who originally setup the server has sort of left the project over the years and has been unable to get any free time to help out. So, we have been trying to make our way thru the setup of SendMail / news2mail / inn / postfix and apache...

Then, the disk controller for the SAN unit which stored the server data went south (which also affected all of the Firebird project servers -- web, wiki, tracker). This really hammered us, as we focused on getting those systems up and running (only web is running right now)

So, we are working to get the server working again but some more time will be required.