Subject Re: [firebird-support] Transaction statistic
Author John vd Waeter
> Which is 600.000 a day.
> Which is 25.000 an hour.
> Which is near 416 a minute.

> Is this a lot, a little or ?
> What is the normal value, if one can talk about normal?

If you have 200 users thats 2 a minute per user.
If they update databases with sold houses, they sell a lot of houses...

IOW, hard to say if not known what the db is used for.

> BTW - Duing the day, the gab between transactions here is somewhere between 1 and 150.000. And when the last one disconnects at night, its always down to 1.

That means the transaction-handling in the clients at least finishes all

However, if the gap is abt 150000 and you have 200 users, then that is
(average) 750 open transactions per user... looks a lot to me! No
problem if user 1 does not need data committed by user2, but again, hard
to say if it is not known what your db is used for and how many users
are connected.