Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] How to do Time calculation
Author Milan Babuskov
Steffen Heil wrote:
> First make sure, no employee is working during daylight saving switching. Firebird is unfortunately incapable of handling this correctly if you don't store you dates and times in utc (or any other timezone not having daylight savings). You will miss one hour per employee or get an additional hour...
> If you safe you dates and times in your timezone and this timezone contains daylight savings and you might have employees working at switching times, you need to do these calculations in your application, you cannot rely on firebird. (Note that you will also loose information!)
> (Unfortunately, these restrictions seem inacceptable for any real life generic applications...)

Alternative is to run your operating system time in UTC, store
everything in Firebird in UTC and convert to local time for display/entry.

Milan Babuskov

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