Subject Re: [firebird-support] switching to CS
Author Milan Babuskov
mivi71dk wrote:
> Every connection has as standard 75 page buffers.
> We expect some 100+ connections.
> The pagesize of the DB is 4096.
> There is 12 Gb RAM available.
> What would be a vice choise i page buffers here?

75. I did some benchmarking some time ago and Linux kernel fs cache
works about 10% faster than Firebird page cache, so there is really no
point using FB page cache unless you are storing the data on raw device.

> 2.
> When there is let say 100 connections, and I want to specifically kill one of them, how do I find which instance to kill?

Which version of Firebird are you using?

This approach works for all versions: You can use ps(1) to find all
fb_inet_server processes and then use lsof(8) to find the client IP
address and database file it is attached to. Combine this with top(1) to
see who is hogging the resources and how long it is attached to database.

> Are there any other things I should take into account before switching to CS?

Make sure xinetd is configured to allow 100+ connections to Firebird

Milan Babuskov

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