Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to do Time calculation
Author Vishal Tiwari
Hi Martijn,
Thanks for ur mail, here the sample data as per u asked:
EmpNo        Date                Time
001         01/11/2008         09:12:00
002         01/11/2008         09:13:45
002         01/11/2008         13:11:10
001         01/11/2008         13:40:00
002         01/11/2008         14:01:22
002         01/11/2008         14:41:20
002         01/11/2008         18:21:22
002         01/11/2008         18:41:40        
But note that first time will be an entry time of an employee and his next time will be his exit time again entry time and again exit time for an employee for each day.
(I am not waiting for anybody's spoon fed answer but for a hint to get total time period for each emloyee for each day,nothing else.)
Vishal Tiwari... 

--- On Fri, 18/12/09, Martijn Tonies <m.tonies@...> wrote:

From: Martijn Tonies <m.tonies@...>
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] How to do Time calculation
Date: Friday, 18 December, 2009, 8:15 PM


>Say for example one employee's entry and exit time may be multiple in a day
>why I need only one date and time column based on this i will do rest
>because i don't know how many times employee might have gone out side and
>again came in for the same day. >so, as per this i think one date and one
>time column is enough.

One date and one time?

Can you give sample data as to how you would like to calculate this then?

>Now as per following columns how i will calculate the total time employee
>had worked for a day (i.e. for each >day)
>1) EmpNo Varchar(15)
>2) dtDate Date
>3) tmTime Time

With regards,

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