Subject Re: I can't believe Firebird's record count is not optimized...
Author adrian_avila_mtz
I already asked how to optimize the query but they told me is not possible in Firebird, that's why im dissapointed.

--- In, Fabricio Araujo <fabricioaraujo_rj@...> wrote:
> AFAIR, the count costs exactly the same time of the full query (minus
> the fetch time) - if you are doing a query so slow that it causes a
> natural of the 3.6milion table, is hour to optimize the query itself -
> not blaming the db engine.
> adrian_avila_mtz escreveu:
> >
> >
> > I can't believe it doesn't have such basic feature, I need to make
> > paginated consults of a 3.6 millions table and when I need to count the
> > record to get the number of pages needed It takes to long, the plan is
> > natural and is slow.
> >
> > Im so dissapointed.