Subject Re: Firebird speed not constant
Author emb_blaster
> Hello, big thanks for your fast response. With the help of your input I have
> fix up my problem.

I'm happy with that :)

> by default firebird keeps a reserve.

That's because, AFAIK, no_reserve should be used only to Read-Only databases.

> A note on my store procedure, we like to use cursor, that gives us the
> opportunity to update a generator on the fly that we can read via VB in a
> progress bar. (I know we could also do it via a straight update and
> trigger.) I did test the straight update you have provided and it took the
> same time to run.
> Thanks A lot Antoine !

I was expecting that use of the generators, but must confirm ;). Also I think that this use is could be a good idea, but I was afraid that it could take few secs from your *application* if theres many milions rows.
Well, the purpose of the update was also to you check the plan outside of the Stored Procedure, but I've expect that if theres was no problem in your Stored Procedure, so, is ok that theres no a heavy change in execution time. Also Sven in the other message show an update better than mine, cause mine should be used in SP because it make use of the variables :).
You are wellcome,