Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: nbackup / gbak interoperation
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks for all of the replies, even if they weren't necessarily
> directed at me/my issue, the info was helpful.
> I apologize for my lack of terminology that is relevant to the product;
> I've worked with so many databases over the years that I sometimes get
> my terms confused.
> It sounds like some of you use Firebird in OLTP systems. If anyone has
> any pointers to articles/case studies/blog posts etc. I would
> appreciate seeing them and I'm sure the community would benefit.
> I read an article in the Interbase/Firebird magazine (hope I said that
> right!) but it didn't go into much detail.
> I have seen that Holger Klemt has some sort of scripting mechanism
> using IBExpert and scripts that he uses for clustering - which I think
> would be a good way to handle OLTP. That way one database in the
> cluster could be taken offline if necessary - I know it isn't always
> necessary(!!!!) - and restored if there were ever a problem.
> Any examples or even ideas relating to OLTP or Clustering or other
> high-availability approaches that someone has implemented would be
> helpful.
> Thanks again for the good info and discussion.
> David Keith

I use replication. There's a list of these tools at