Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: nbackup / gbak interoperation
Author Doug Chamberlin
Alan McDonald wrote:
> I also CAN fathom a need but I really think that if you have a critical 24/7 system which is running out of disk space, then reclaiming some odd space from a DB is a stop gap measure and an unreliable one at that. You really have some other things to sort out to fix this issue more satisfactorily and that will include taking the system offline for a certain period - no escape.
> I say again, any sponsorship money would be far better spent on numerous other features or issues. I would continue to talk someone out of this one.
> (I have 24/7 systems and I never put them on just one box for a host of reasons including this on

Yes, lots of clear thinking and planning and extra resources can prevent
the problem from arising. That does not help the poor DBA who finds
himself in a pickle from which this capability would rescue him. That is
the situation I'm addressing. Telling people they should have done
something differently just does not address the problem.

Doug C.
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