Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: nbackup / gbak interoperation
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan McDonald wrote:
> > there is never a need to "pack" your data...
> Alan, forgive me, but there is no need to restate what has been said
> over the years many times. I get your position that you just cannot
> fathom a use case where this is needed.

This particular op was under a wrong impression - wrong information. It needed to be clarified not assisted into thinking in error about the server's behaviour. Trying to understand the 'why' of their situation most often exposes the false thinking or assumption as to their issue.
You've probably been here as long as I have but 90% of people who ask this question have similarly been misinformed about the server's mode of operation in this regard. Many DB systems from which people come do not have the ablity to reclaim and that's where the misunderstanding arises.
Also, there is obviously a very great need to say things over and over - Because the same question arises over and over. Even in the light of many resources available to expose these issues. And frequently the same answer is relevant and accurate.

> Frankly, I don't need to know why they are in this situation. I only
> need to hear that they say they cannot find a comfortable way out of it
> and that having a way for the database server to return space to the
> host OS would be really, really helpful. For these people to repeatedly
> hear that their problem isn't really a serious problem is not only
> discouraging for them but downright insulting the way it has sometimes
> been stated by our community.

That's not the case here. I specifically excused myself from fully understanding the op's real intent. As it turns out I was right - the op was not correctly informed as regards his particular case.

> So, like I said, our community does not consider this important enough
> to change and I expect only sponsorship will bring it about.

I also CAN fathom a need but I really think that if you have a critical 24/7 system which is running out of disk space, then reclaiming some odd space from a DB is a stop gap measure and an unreliable one at that. You really have some other things to sort out to fix this issue more satisfactorily and that will include taking the system offline for a certain period - no escape.
I say again, any sponsorship money would be far better spent on numerous other features or issues. I would continue to talk someone out of this one.
(I have 24/7 systems and I never put them on just one box for a host of reasons including this one)

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