Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Classic server vs. Super server
Author Leyne, Sean

> Here Helen advice "more doesn't mean better with page cache". What
> about with users that do need to handle a lot of data as query results
> (i.e. monthly bill generation of a service company with millions of
> records to select and insert in the same process) and most of the other
> users that just perform small transactions?
> Isn't there another solution than to replicate and use different
> servers?

Helen's advice was to say: don't increase the cache for each connection in the hopes that this will increase performance.

For Classic, increasing the cache will (at a certain point) actually decrease performance.

For Classic, the best way to increase performance is to get a better disk/RAID sub-system and/or add more OS memory (which the OS will use for disk caching).


P.S. OS disk caching is *always* better than increasing the Firebird cache size.