Subject Re: [firebird-support] Classic server vs. Super server
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hey Nico,

> Last week, I saw some messages passing about choosing the right archiecture (SS vs. CS).
> This caught my eye :
>> Using Classic Server requires DBA with more brain than Super Server.
>> SY, SD.
> I was wondering if there is something like a checklist available, or what are the things that should be adjusted after installing FB Classic Server ? I mean, where the DBA has to use his brain ? :-)

Beside what Dimitry had mentioned, there are other things like
configurable RemoteAuxPort does not work (it will in 2.5 though) for
Classic and other parameters in firebird.conf which are specific to one
particular architecture. Classic on POSIX needs the xinet daemon.

A Classic connection should not affect other connections in case of a
crash, although I have one report from a customer on Windows, where
terminating a classic connection via killing the client application (not
fb_inet_server) might affect other classic connections by using 100% CPU
and AV in fbclient.dll.

I have created an architecture comparison sheet, although it is for 2.5.

Best Regards,
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