Subject Re: Table with more than 100 index.
Author emb_blaster
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> in the case yes can be < 10000 row, but just changing kind = 65 by kind = 64 will output 2 000 000 row !
> stephane

Hi Stephane,

Some time ago I was arround with a similar problem. Your Database seems like modeled for property sales (houses etc...). We decided to separate the BIGTABLE in some LESSBIGGERSTABLEs by Location. Supose your DB is about Houses sales, you can have a table for each one State (or one table for each one kind) so the soft will look for the correct table instead of look in only one table. Well in this case, you know, the location should be a big location like a state or region, cause you will not want one table for each city :)
if your table has 80000000 of records, may be separating it in 20~30 tables you will have 4000000~2700000, AFAIK.

May this be pratice for you?