Subject Re: "Lock conversion denied" on security database.
Author xsaero00
> data-01 Mon Dec 7 19:00:23 2009
> Database: /var/lib/firebird/system/security2.fdb
> page 776, page type 3 lock conversion denied (215)

I was just checking the file itself /var/lib/firebird/system/security2.fdb and noticed that it is very large compared to other security databases on other servers.

I copied a database from other server and here is what 'ls -la' shows

-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 3391488 Dec 8 11:10 /var/lib/firebird/system/security2.fdb
-rw------- 1 firebird firebird 712704 Dec 8 11:08 /var/lib/firebird/system/security2.copy.fdb

The sizes are 3.5 MB vs 700 K. Is my security database corrupt? How can I fix it; i know gfix won't work. Should I just shut down the server and replace security database with one from other servers.