Subject Re: [firebird-support] Table with more than 100 index.
Author Ann W. Harrison
svanderclock wrote:

> this index are motly here because we need to handle search and order for client in < 100 ms. so we need to index all possible case of search
> first i receive an error when i try to add all the index (Index root page is full)
> and i have no other choice to duplicate the table in 3 differents tables ..

What page size are you using? If it's not 16K, then increasing the
page size will help. Doubling the page size doubles the number of
indexes you can define.

The performance problem of the queries where total result set is
2 million rows is not sorting, but simply retrieving all those
rows. I wish that the "first"/"limit" type queries had never
been invented and designers were forced to think about the selectivity
of queries rather than just "what the heck, select two million and
throw out one million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand seven hundred
and fifty rows."