Subject INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054
Author svanderclock

I see lot of time this error in the firebird.log, i know it's about a network probleme, but it's look that their is no network problem ? where could be the error on the network and how to found it ?

also i do today some test, one server with classic FB 2.1.3 and one client. i try to plug unplug the network cable randomly. as a result i see that most of the time the fb_inet_server.exe never shuntdow and stay alive forever ! is it a normal behavior ? if yes could be potentially dangerous to have to "orphan" connection open on the database ...

to finish all of this could be connected with memory ? in the classic server i set up the DefaultDbCachePages to 2048
as one page is on 4Kb, it's mean than every connection will take around
8192 Kb of memory. With 8GO of global memory i can handle normally 1000 simultaneous connection (Say 800 + windows kermel memory)... right ?

thanks you by advance!