Subject Re: [firebird-support] new trace API question: how to get trace session ID ?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

>> To control a trace session you need its numerical ID.
> What do you mean - "control a trace session" ?
>> But how do I get it? isc_action_svc_trace_start mentions nothing about a session ID.
> isc_action_svc_trace_list is your friend

Had to rethink that a bit. I think, returning the session ID when
calling isc_action_svc_trace_start is useful. Imagine the following:

1) Client app starts a trace session
2) Nothing happened so far on the trace, so there is nothing returned
when querying the service query output
3) Client app wants to stop the created trace session. At this time, the
client doesn't know anything about the trace session id from the server
from step 1).

>> Should I parse the text stream? - it seems rather crude.
> isc_action_svc_trace_list have very structured format and easy to parse.
> Binary format for trace services planned for the next Firebird releases.

Right, but I can't "join" that information with the trace session
started by the client app, so that I know, which trace session I have to

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