Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stored procedures vs. indexes
Author PenWin
>> In my quest to deactivate unneeded indexes I encountered a problem:
>> Stored procedures (and possibly triggers) are compiled to use these
>> indexes and apparently they don't like it when I delete (or deactivate)
>> those indexes ("index unexpectedly deleted" - Firebird 1.5). At the
>> moment it seems that I will have to drop and re-create all procedures to
>> solve this problem. Isn't there an easier solution? For example, if I
>> could somehow get a list of indexes used by a procedure, I could match
>> it against my list of indexes to delete and drop/create only procedures
>> that need it.
> Indices are not fixed in use by a stored procedure, UNLESS you use a
> PLAN clause in the SQL statements.

I don't. But I can't imagine any other reason why I would get that
"index unexpectedly deleted" when an application tries:

SELECT * FROM some_procedure