Subject RE: [firebird-support] Performance improvements for an embedded database after hibernation
Author Leyne, Sean

> Our users complain that it takes 30 seconds to execute a query right
> after the machine comes back from hibernation. The following
> executions of the same query take 4 seconds. Is there a way to speed
> up the first query execution right after hibernation?

Hibernation is a bit of an "odd duck". In theory, the data which is in the Windows cache should be maintained when the system resumes but it may be the case that Windows is flushing the cache.

To be clear, the database is stored on the local HDD, right?

Separately, I would be interested in the query and it's statistics, it is possible that it could be optimized to reduce the execution speed. By doing that, reducing the number of disk reads, which could improve the post-hibernation performance. 4 seconds is a little on the "long side".