Subject Re: [firebird-support] Steps for Bulk insert / upload text file for INSERT from EXT TABLE
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
> I am trying to insert a list of seats (e.g. 01A, 02A .. 06P) into TblSeats on the server.
> So to insert say, 96 seats (01A to 06P) means 96 inserts and it's taking a long time, especially in the field where internet access may be lousy.

Judging by your Delphi code, you do your inserts in wrong way. Don't
use components like TTable or TQuery for this.

> From what I understand my options are:
> 1. Stored Procedure or
> 2. Upload a TXT file into a temporary table on the Firebird Server

3. If the seats are really numbers shown above, then you can put them
all into one string and feed it to a stored procedure which parse the
strings and insert values into table.