Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird - no security??? Seems unbelievable....
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Fabricio Araujo wrote:
> huh? If you do the same with SQL Server, and make a detach and attach a
> dbfile on Server you control all access is granted.
> Protecting the db file is something you must do.

As you know it's a recurrent item in this and other lists... I had
answered this question a couple of times... :)

The guys believe that because a product has a checkmark on the
encryption item on the feature matrix, they are safe.

If I have file system access to MSSQL or Oracle I could do the same,
never tried with MySQL or Postgres, but I am sure it is the same situation.

IIRC the OP mentioned MSAccess to being secure because it has encryption :)

see you !

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