Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comparing data between databases
Author Kjell Rilbe
rogerzgiet wrote:

> I'm trying to compare two copies from the same database, but it's been a
> very hard task so far. The DBs are very big and some tables do not have
> PKs. I'm using EMS Data Comparer and EMS DB comparer, both tools seem
> powerfull, but I'm experiencing some difficulties. Does anybody
> recommend those tools, or is there a better one?
> How do you guys perform data comparing?

On occasion I have dumped two entire tables to text files and then used
textual diff tools like Beyond Compare to compare them, but it's not
very effective.

Perhaps write your own tool to cycle through tables (using metadata to
find all tables) and records to find diffs? Also a lot of work but you
can create your compare logic exactly the way it suits you.

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