Subject Re: [firebird-support] Date format
Author Milan Babuskov
Steve wrote:
> OK, it looks like the ODBC driver needs to be recompiled for a
> 64-bit architecture.
> I've submitted a bug report:
> But in the meantime I'm using DBI::InterBase. However this is returning
> dates with a 2-character year rather than CCYY, any ideas why this is? If I
> use isql_fb (or even my failed ODBC) it returns dates with a 4-character
> year. Can I specify that InterBase should return a 4-char year?

You should look it up in DBI::InterBase docs. Firebird stores dates as
binary values, and it's up to client to turn this into human-readable
form. So, when you ask for a date field, Firebird returns something like
128129 and then DBI::InterBase translates that to some format like
YY-MM-DD or whatever.

Milan Babuskov

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