Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded language
Author Marco Antonio Abreu
I know there is already PSQL. But I think all database procedure language
somewhat rough. I think it would be better if we could use a language more
efficient, more complete and robust. I do not know IActiveScript well, but I
wasn't thinking about anything from microsoft. I was thinking of something
cleaner, lighter and more portable.

For now it is only an idea. I know that may be a long way to get some
concrete results. Anyway I will do some tests and see how my idea behaves.
But I think we can take advantage of it, for example, for more complex
calculations or save state in memory between two different points of a data
processing. We can use a file with the script that can be changed without
the need to change the main binary program. This file can be, for example, a
complex formula that may change. This script will return the result to the
database that made only one call to an UDF, passing only the necessary

I do not know if the performance will be good or whether something is viable
to create and use. Just testing to know. What I want is to take advantage of
the ability of relatively easy to embed Firebird into dynamic libraries. If
all goes well I think we can greatly improve the integration of FB with
other technologies and, perhaps, give some gas to the use of FB.


2009/11/16 Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...>

> > I'm thinking of embedding a scripting language within the firebird to be
> > used in select, insert, update or delete commands and in stored
> procedures.
> > What do you think about this? Does anyone knows any project like this?
> I think that this is already done: Firebird use language named SQL in
> select, insert, update or delete commands and it's extension, called
> PSQL in stored procedures.
> SY, SD.
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Marco Antonio Abreu
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