Subject RE: [firebird-support] Date format
Author Steve
>I have a row which I read once and I get 30/07/2009. I read it again later
>and get, say, 32231-08-2\x00.

In fact this is not quite correct. Sometime the read works and sometimes
not. Sometimes I get a valid date and sometimes I get a strange string, but
always with the format nnnnn-0n-2\x00. Sometimes it doesn't return at all.
Numeric fields seem to have a similar problem. Could it be the DB driver do
you think? I am using and Kubuntu 9.10.

Can I ask what drivers other people use on Linux?

Do I need to specify any 'dialects' in my DSN, because I'm not at the
moment. I did with DBI::InterBase, but that gave me problems too.